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5 June 2003

Ecru jumpsuits rather than orange

Okay, maybe not. Not yet, anyway.

In the meantime, if you want Martha Stewart's side of the story, she's posted her official denial on the Web, along with a letter from her legal team.

I need hardly point out that the design is simple, tasteful and elegant, though the color scheme rubs me the wrong way.

Posted at 10:50 PM to Dyssynergy

YIKES! That hurts my eyes. I wonder if the page was designed looking at a Mac or a PC with one of those exotic browsers that renders colors differently. Or maybe Martha didn't design it herself. I can't believe someone who is so well-known for good taste would design THAT.

Posted by: Lynn S at 8:12 AM on 7 June 2003

Well, the puke green used is not one of the ostensibly "browser-safe" colors, but it's hard to imagine a screen setting in which it would look good.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:31 PM on 7 June 2003

When selling "fake vomit", maybe?

Posted by: Steve at 10:39 PM on 7 June 2003