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6 June 2003

Sheets to the wind

David "Clubbeaux" Sims describes his encounter with the Klan, and while he's not what you'd call enthusiastic about the group, he understands why it's still around, and why it's not just a collection of ignorant, bigoted Klux:

It goes along with my overall theory that low-level racial tension is quietly encouraged and abetted by the rich and powerful to keep the poor divided and distracted. Maybe it's never occurred to the framers of social engineering in as blunt terms as that, but it's uncanny how frequently policies trumpeted as helping blacks are at the expense not of the well-to-do or the connected, but the lumpen, the low-middle class or outright poor white rednecks. In every state in America. And of course when poor whites complain they're kicked down as "racists."

Now social engineering is to engineering what social disease is to disease — toxic and virulent, yet passed on with the best of intentions. And it would be well to remember this:

Poor whites aren't any more racist than anyone else, they're just victimized by racial politics more than anyone else, so they squawk about it more than anyone.

And if you squawk about it — well, you just might be a redneck. Rednecks, however, are not among the Protected Classes embraced by the occupants of the seats of power.

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C.G. "Dustbury" Hill quotes some very perceptive comments on redecks and racism from David "Clubbeaux" Sims. I do, however, have one quibble. Hill says "social engineering is to engineering what social disease is to disease...." A better comparison, I ......[read more]

Yikes, what are you trying to do, give the world an epiphany?

Posted by: Tiger at 10:50 AM on 6 June 2003

Its been accepted (in my mind at least) that rasicm was a useful tool in keeping the poor whites and blacks from recognizing their shared plight and fighting together for better lives.

In the same vein we now have the growing resentment of immigrants. Strange how the anger has been redirected away from the boss that fired you and hired the mexican back towards the mexicans themselves, who were merely trying to better their situation in life.

What happened many years ago inthei country was that the poor landless whites were allowed to have a little (some free land, first crack at jobs with better pay) and when the slaves were freed and went to compete for their livelyhoods they met with resistance for the (still) poor whites that were trying to protect what little they have.

rasicm, while bad, does have a root cause. And for that it does little good to blame individuals. Like its been said, they are victims of social engineering. They only way to fix matters is better education.

Posted by: bruce at 12:26 PM on 6 June 2003

oh... and more oppurtunity for all that seek it, which is the bad thing from the minds of the rich, because it would mean sharing....

Posted by: bruce at 12:27 PM on 6 June 2003

Isn't it interesting that the "protected classes" are defined based on immutable characteristics, and at the same time we say "once a redneck, always a redneck." So wouldn't that make being a redneck a protected class, too?

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 1:41 PM on 6 June 2003

It would if the Keepers of the Culture didn't despise all things even slightly connected to Southernness and crackertude.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:14 PM on 6 June 2003

When you boil it all down, all division -- race, class, what-have-you -- is caused by dialecticism, the tendency to obscure reality by applying political dogma to events before they even happen, so they may be used to push a political agenda.

Liberate the masses! Death to dialecticism!

Posted by: McGehee at 3:16 PM on 6 June 2003