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6 June 2003

No carrier detected

As an old-line IT guy, I don't even bother to look up when someone mentions, say, flashing a BIOS.

Then I saw what Michele was going through with her modem:

Please, I admonished it. Please work.

It just winked and winked. I think it laughed. In fact, I know it laughed.

Until finally:

Maybe you could just flash me or something?

Excuse me?

Hey, modems have needs, too. Come on, show me your tits.

No wonder I never have any luck with comm devices.

But one question remains: would this technique have worked for Susanna?

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Well, without going into detail, I can confidently say that flashing my modem would not have helped, since doing so would not have given it any information it wasn't already well acquainted with. From a distance, of course. That post from Michele, on its own, makes it clear she doesn't live alone.

Posted by: susanna at 12:19 PM on 7 June 2003


Posted by: CGHill at 9:29 PM on 8 June 2003