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7 June 2003

Really sensible specification

The always-inventive Kevin Aylward has a suggestion for the next generation of RSS distribution:

What I'm looking for in a next generation news reader is an advanced level of filters, view, and rules. One analogy that comes to mind is the Outlook rules engine. I would like to be able to have multiple views of my RSS space: one view with all the subscribed feeds; another view that shows all posts that meet certain key word matches; another view that is a combination of rules, etc. For rules I'm thinking things like:

Show all post from from today + any post from these 4 blogs about the Times scandal + the Asshated Celebrities category from Rachel Lucas.

I could go for that. In fact, I think I could go for that very rule, so long as the Times scandal still smolders.

And of course, once more of us use RSS daily, as we likely would if we had tools like that, more of us would clean up our generic RSS templates. :)

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Re a NYTimes article about why America is hated:
There ARE absolutes, you know, which an angry world chooses to ignore. Ignore is the root word of ignorance, of course, and ignore the Almighty if we will, but He WILL prevail, using whomever CHOOSES to obey Him and His ways. Whoever thought it wouldn’t be messy is nuts, though. Also, whoever dances with the devil CAN’T be reasoned with. “Giving an ear” to Muslim extremists is useless, unless you want to DONATE one (an ear, that is!)! See note at end.*

All three of the following comments in Sunday’s “answer to your answer” ignore the Mighty Godhead, and the Saints who pray for His will to be done here.

1. yes frightened by the unopposed power of an Administration that has total disregard for those who disagree with it and that threatens the future of this world with its indifference to anything outside of its own plans [and] that addresses the interests of a very, very small but exceedingly wealthy group of people and institutions."

2.but we can give them an ear. And we can respectfully make clear as day that we understand their worries, we feel their pain, and this is why we disagree.

3. "All I know is that you can be a large physical presence in a barroom, but you don't have to make fun of people, be pushy, or respond to hostility with a punch.

Didn’t my comments sound arrogant and bossy, imperialistic and Bushy? Well, I am qualified to make the above comments because I have seen the blind see, the lame run, and the deaf hear, all in Jesus’ Mighty Name…by the way, they were people I KNEW, and even I- a nobody- have prayed for the lame and the deaf and have seen them healed (instantly) in that Name. Mr. Friedman has a problem with his own response today to the 8,000 world-wide responses he received. It is: the people he DIDN’T hear from DON’T read the NYTimes. They are busy praying for a hurting, dying world, and making a difference in the lives of the downcast; they are NOT demonstrating on the streets, blaming others for the world’s ills (or their own), nor are they full of anger, bitterness, hate, and retribution. The person on your thread** who blames the “Zionists” is the most ignorant of all, because he blames God for His own plan! Whoa!! Besides we weren’t AGAINST Iraq, but its bloody dictator who would have killed us all, if given the opportunity.

** cogit8: "Mr. Friedman's columns are refreshing to read now, especially since he's seen the light on how badly wrong the whole zionist enterprise against Iraq could go."

Please get this “response to a response to a response” to Mr. Friedman. I may know the Truth about the End-Times, but I DON’T KNOW HIS E-MAIL ADDRESS!! And.kindly, pass this among your editors for their thoughtful consideration.
Thank you, Diana Smith Highsmith

Posted by: diana at 7:28 PM on 8 June 2003

Hey, McGehee, you didn't tell me Barney had a sister.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:42 PM on 8 June 2003

Diana, just return my tinfoil hat, and I won't press charges for the theft.

Posted by: McGehee at 4:51 AM on 9 June 2003