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14 June 2003

And they didn't need a road map

After 125 years, apparently it's over.

Today in Pikeville, Kentucky, descendants of the Hatfield and McCoy families signed a truce, ending the feud that is believed to have started in 1878 when Randolph McCoy accused Floyd Hatfield of stealing a pig.

Actual warfare between the families has been sparse in recent years; in fact, in 2000, the Reunion Festival was established as a means of drawing the feuding families together (and, not incidentally, to draw some tourism dollars to the Tug Valley). Still, there had never been a formal end to hostilities until today.

So far, no response from Korea, where the war between North and South now moves into first place on the Formally Unresolved Conflict charts.

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I had not had a reason to report on the Hatfields and the McCoys since the two I did in April, but it seems they are a news item again. They have signed a truce:Descendants of the Hatfield and McCoy......[read more]

Um, wouldn't the Israel thing edge out the two Koreas? After all, Israel dates to 1948; the Korean War didn't start until 1950.

Posted by: timekeeper at 4:58 PM on 15 June 2003

I thought about that, but decided that crowning the Arab/Israeli squabble would of necessity suggest that all the Arabs were in opposition, which is an exaggeration of one or two percent. More to the point, at least one antagonist (Egypt) did actually sign a treaty with Israel.

Besides, the Koreas are comparatively evenly matched, whereas Israel, should it become sufficiently fed up, would be a prohibitive favorite in the early betting.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:01 PM on 15 June 2003