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26 June 2003

RIAA as quadruped

Most of us who imagine we're on the leading edge of technological and cultural change think of the Recording Industry Association of America as something of a dinosaur. Steve at Begging to Differ sees the organization as a different sort of beast altogether:

I pity the RIAA like I pity the limping gazelle on the Discovery Channel — the one being chased by lions in super slo-mo. The one that ends up lion lunch every... single... time. It's a pity which, if pity could talk, would say, "Terrible shame, Mr. Gazelle, but that's nature. Sometimes you're signing uneducated, drug-addicted musicians to restrictive multi-album deals... other times vultures pick your bleaching bones in the shimmering heat of the Serengeti. Dems da breaks."

A nearly-perfect picture: all it needs is a shot of skier Vinko Bogataj going Tango Uniform as the voiceover intones "...and the agony of defeat."

Posted at 10:54 AM to Tongue and Groove

I like to think of the RIAA as a tick sucking on BOTH the artists and the BUYER. A tick that needs to be plucked and popped.

why the RIAA is obsolete.

1) recording : now within the grasp of any musican to produce a quality demo and cd in their own homes or small studio. I've done it, a cd quality studio for a couple grand.

2) promotion: by going direct to your audience through the internet you can be more direct and get to people who you wouldnt reach with one size fits all record industry promotion. Besides many groups already do alot of their own promotion.

3) distrubution: once again, internet retailers and band websites have put any and all music within a mouse click and a truck ride from anyone in the US or world.

So tell my why these people deserve to reap the lions share of the benefit as their relevance is quickly dissapating?

Posted by: bruce at 8:27 PM on 26 June 2003