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29 June 2003

Somehow I'm not surprised

At the suggestion of DavidMSC, I betook myself to BlogMatcher, a Googlesque-looking page that purports to find "other blogs that appear to discuss similar topics." Okay, fair enough. They found 1081 (!) blogs that met their criteria, so the least I could do is look at the Top Ten, and wouldn't you know it, my Top Ten includes nine blogs:


10. VodkaPundit
  9. Quit That!
  8. DailyPundit
  7. Quidnunc
  6. cut on the bias
  5. cut on the bias (again!)
  4. How Appealing
  3. On the Third Hand
  2. No Watermelons Allowed
  1. Silflay Hraka

The duplication, of course, occurs because of minor differences in the URL. And who would have thought I'd draw two blogs starting with Q?

Two obvious observations:

  • I seem to be in pretty good company here;
  • I really should try to be nicer to Susanna Cornett.

(Dave? You were #13.)

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TrackBack: 10:37 PM, 29 June 2003
» 10 out of 7 from Horologium discusses his results at BlogMatcher, and notes that his top ten includes only nine blogs (Cut on the Bias appears twice, with a slight variation of the URL.) Well, Chaz, I can top that. My top 10 includes only......[read more] long as I'm in the Top Twenty, then it's OK.

Posted by: David at 9:47 PM on 29 June 2003