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30 June 2003

The lady Katharine

About the late Katharine Hepburn, I will say only this:

Never did a woman go so far out of her way to avoid looking "girly", nor did one ever look so beautiful while so doing.

Oh, to have been Spencer Tracy, just for a few hours....

Posted at 6:59 AM to Almost Yogurt

LOL, I read that statement as "Oh to have Spencer Tracy for a couple of hours."

Hepburn was great. I loved her in Bringing Up Baby... and of course The African Queen.

Posted by: Cam at 8:36 AM on 30 June 2003

She personified beauty, strength, and intelligence on the silver screen.

Posted by: David at 10:52 AM on 30 June 2003


Posted by: Becky at 5:03 PM on 30 June 2003