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1 July 2003

Today's shopping tip

Courtesy of Ravenwood:

Best Buy [has] such an inflexible policy toward their customers, I am astonished that they can make any money, long-term.

It's not such a bad place, actually, so long as (1) you're buying something that never, ever has any defects and (2) you don't need the buying advice they don't actually provide.

Posted at 8:00 AM to Dyssynergy

Yes, but they *count* on the fact that once I'm in there, I am simply overwhelmed by the urge to buy something - anything - because that "New Toy" sensation is simply too all-powerful to overcome.

Sorta like my wife and shoe stores.

Posted by: David at 2:06 PM on 1 July 2003

you go there because they sell it cheap, now dont be turning back and saying, "but hey, now I want that place that offered great service too" because they all went out of business when you went for the cheap stuff.

return policy indeed...;-)

Posted by: bruce at 10:29 PM on 1 July 2003

There has been no useful return policy on music and movies for years; fears of copyright infringement have long outweighed considerations of customer service, and it doesn't matter how much you paid for the product in the first place.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:04 AM on 2 July 2003

return policy indeed...

meaning, once you migrate to the cheaper corporate warehouses you cannot come back a few years later and say "hey, what I really wanted was a place with good customer service". Sorry, no returns, exchanges or refunds on merchandise over 30 days!

Besides whether you realize it or not, BB makes very little actual profit from music and movies, that money goes to the manufacturers and distributers. BB usually sells new releases on music at their cost, just to get you in the store.

how generous would you be with returns on items you made no money from?

Posted by: bruce at 10:14 AM on 2 July 2003

After rebates and incentives and whatnot, Ford makes no money on the vehicle it sells you. Should they cancel the warranty accordingly?

Posted by: CGHill at 11:22 AM on 2 July 2003