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2 July 2003

New kids on the block

Nice piece in The Daily Oklahoman today about new American citizens. The story focuses on one person — Valeria Barrett, born in Argentina, now teaching Spanish in an Oklahoma City school — but to me, the most inspiring part of the article is the last paragraph, which lists all the participants in this week's naturalization ceremony. In addition to Mrs Barrett, we welcome:

Quyen Thanh Nguyen
San Dinh Pham
Lisa Amanda Bryant
Mohammed Asadullah
Dorian Guadalupe Vazquez
Snjezana Dragicevic
Jamie Gustavo Wiesner Ortega
Emily John Richards
Ann John Richards
Milagros Valencia Mayo
Helen Montehermozo Wilkey
Rampriya Ramkumar
Varun Kofi Ronnie Figaro
Marlene Georges Sharp
Sima Nematinajafabadi
Tri Huu Vo
Quoc Khanh Nguyen Le

You can't get a whole lot more diverse than that.

Posted at 7:15 AM to City Scene

That story is truly inspiring. I greatly admire all those folks who had the tenacity to endure one of the poorest-run bureaucracies in government to become "official" Americans, when it is all to easy to reside here for the rest of your natural days without doing a darned thing.

I bet they all have a very special Independence Day celebration, and I wish them nothing but the best!

Posted by: Wylie at 11:01 AM on 2 July 2003