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2 July 2003

Stairway to heinous

One of the more admirable characteristics of Rocksnobs' DragonAttack is her ability to nail down a definition:

In my mind, the word oldies indicates rock and roll that spans the era that begins with Bill Haley (and his Comets!) and ends with Mungo Jerry.

I mention this because last night someone called up KOMA-FM, a formerly-inspiring oldies station, and had the temerity to request a Barry White tune. Now I like Barry White, but Barry White ain't oldies. Yet. So I spun the dial a little further and was treated to Tanya Tucker's "Blood Red and Goin' Down", which ain't oldies either but which can pass for Classic Country.

Of course, DragonAttack is more vexed with her local Classic Rock outlet, which plays too much Zeppelin — and too much already-overplayed Zeppelin at that — but there's an explanation for that. And not the obvious explanation, either:

Some people would claim that local radio sucks because of a certain evil empire, but that is just because it is currently very much in vogue to hate this particular empire. I would argue that local radio has sucked for years and years already, thanks to a certain evil empire that hides behind a mouse.

Which invites a question: Is there still time to change the road they're on? Or should we just change the station?

(Update, 4 July, 4:50 pm: As noted by commenters, Barry White died this morning at the age of 58. What am I bid for a posting about Fred Durst?)

Posted at 7:45 AM to Overmodulation

Oh my gosh. I love you! (In the From Afar sort of way.) I just read in your OAQ (cute, very) that you did "time" in AOHell, and now. . .I find that you listen to KOMA! Heh. I always thought it was cool that they didn't MIND that their station inferred a semi-conscious state of being. *cough*

Blogrolled. Um, like. . .fer sure.

Posted by: margi at 4:06 PM on 3 July 2003

Women always seem to find me much more bearable at a distance. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:23 PM on 3 July 2003

Speaking of Barry White, he died today.

RIP, Barry.

Posted by: Goof BeYou at 4:41 PM on 4 July 2003

I'll bet he qualifies as oldies as of today.

Posted by: Vickie at 4:43 PM on 4 July 2003

It would so seem.

Barry, my man, you did us proud, though I have to admit I never used you as a seduction tool. Thanks for everything.

On a more mundane front, if Christina Aguilera is somehow transported to the nearest black hole and transformed into some sort of mysterious infinite-density TrollopMatter™, I'm still going to change the station when she comes on.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:51 PM on 4 July 2003