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2 July 2003

The parade continues

A couple of weeks ago, Sen. Joseph Lieberman was in town to drum up support for his 2004 Presidential bid; today the state is being visited by Rep. Richard Gephardt, who promises "bold alternatives" to the policies of the Bush administration.

Gephardt finished third in the Oklahoma primary on "Super Tuesday" in 2000, a showing he attributes to running out of money too early; he was here briefly in April to sound out party leaders. Former Florida Gov. Bob Graham is due in the state next week. All this early activity, I surmise, is a result of the state's having changed its primary date from March to the first week in February, one week after New Hampshire. The real race here, of course, is for convention delegates, as it's highly unlikely that any Democrat could pick up the state's seven remaining electoral votes, down from eight in 2000.

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