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2 July 2003

The scientific method

Some of us put in a lot of hours of lab time in our day, but Margi grasps this basic truth of research intuitively:

I have always held the belief that if twenty scientists were locked in a room together, eventually, they would say that locking twenty scientists in a room is bad for your kidneys.

Of course, to make it a more representative sample, we should probably get forty scientists. And I won't complain at all if someone wants to extend the study to, say, 535 Congresspersons.

Posted at 8:20 PM to Dyssynergy

Awww. Thanks for the linkage. Nice place you have here.

I think you're right about the Congresspersons, too. Helluva idea. ;o)

Posted by: margi at 3:53 AM on 3 July 2003