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5 July 2003

A working vacation, sort of

Mark W. Anderson writes The American Sentimentalist, one of the better-written (I think) blogs on the left side of the political spectrum, and he's announced that he won't be writing it quite so often in the future: he's decided to spend more time on his novel Cover Up the Moon.

Judging by the bits and pieces of fiction he's posted in recent months, I'm thinking this could be quite a good story indeed, and I wish him well as he readjusts his schedule.

For myself, I've been curious about what bloggers wrote when they weren't blogging, so I'm looking forward to Mr Anderson's novel. As precedent, I've acquired all of James Lileks' previous books, and I just bought a copy of John Scalzi's online novel Agent to the Stars. As time permits — and the budgetary black hole I'm going into for World Tour '03 exerts less gravitational pull — I'll be looking at more.

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"Mr. Anderson!" (in the gravelly voice of Agent Smith)

Seriously, I wish him well. I've been trying to get any of four novels published for seven years. It's incredibly difficult. Get a few beers into me, and stand well back, and I'll regale you with war stories of the Siege of Pub World that will leave you wondering why anyone would try to write fiction.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 6:40 PM on 5 July 2003

Well, I know why I don't: I have no talent for storytelling. (Some days I can barely get a decent blog post together.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:42 PM on 5 July 2003