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6 July 2003

It came out of the sky

The Kalahari bushman N!xau (the exclamation point represents a sort of click), the unlikely star of The Gods Must Be Crazy, has died in Namibia.

In Jamie Uys' 1980 film, N!xau finds a mysterious item on the ground that can only have been sent by the gods: an empty Coca-Cola bottle. He brings it back to the tribe, observes that it brings only sorrow, and resolves to return it to its creator.

N!xau went on to a film career of sorts, doing a sequel to The Gods in 1989 for Uys and winding up in Pacific Rim features, before returning to the bush. He was believed to be about 59 when he died.

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I thought those deaths were always supposed to come in sets of three. We had Gregory Peck, then Kate Hepburn, and then Buddy Hackett, so that should have been it ... and now I find that N!xau* has died? attribution:......[read more]

What a classic film! He was so "cute" in his role.

Posted by: David at 1:17 PM on 6 July 2003

But did anyone have him in the ATS Dead Pool?

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 7:58 AM on 7 July 2003