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10 July 2003

Down on Maines' street

In the wake of their appearance before Congress yesterday, Susanna Cornett sees a political future for the Dixie Chicks:

Look for [them] to show up on stage during the Democrat Convention next year, hanging out with whoever the party picks to run for prez. They're now officially members of The Axis Of Victims™, the strongest coalition in the Democratic party.

Maybe they can get Viacom to name a network after them.

Posted at 7:31 AM to Political Science Fiction

Susanna needs to read her articles more carefully. None of the Dixie Chicks testified. They were used as an example.

Meanwhile, the Chicks are laughing all the way to the bank.

And since this had to do with media consolidation, and if the Dixie Chicks are against the new rules, it puts them on the same side with the NRA, which also opposes the new rules.

Posted by: Goof Beyou at 2:15 PM on 11 July 2003

Nobody admits to being in favor of the new rules except Big Media and Michael Powell.

(Have the Chicks ever said anything about the NRA?)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:49 PM on 11 July 2003