The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

10 July 2003

But I'm just so upset

Words of wisdom from Geoffrey's Dog Snot Diaries:

If you get SO emotionally distraught over what happens on your blog that you feel you must shut your blog down, then blogging is definately not for you. You need to get outside more and experience real life. Shutting down your blog is the best thing you could do for yourself.

I would definitely agree. I mean, if you're going to stand here emotionally naked for months at a time, it's kind of pointless to complain when somebody actually sees something.

Posted at 11:06 AM to Blogorrhea

I just run my mouth. It's rare I say something anyone finds note worthy. Thanks.

Posted by: Geoffrey at 11:10 AM on 10 July 2003

All I could think of was Mike Myers character from SNL, "Simon".

"Are you looking at my emotional bum? Cheeky emotional bum looker!"

I need sleep. Or lunch. Maybe both.

Posted by: Cam at 12:18 PM on 10 July 2003