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11 July 2003

The price of popularity

Andrea Harris is getting hit hard by the bean bandwidth counters:

I just got a notification from my web administrator that this site is pulling 1 GB of bandwidth per day. My account allows 3 GB per month — I can't afford this sort of thing. I will probably be moving the site soon, but even the plan I found only allows a little under 15 GB of bandwidth usage a month.

The plan I'm on allows 25 GB, but it's pricey, at least compared to the deals wangled by those bloggers who are not Glenn Reynolds. And it seems more so in view of the fact that most days I pull 50 MB or thereabouts, which means it takes about three weeks to suck a gigabyte through the Dustbury pipe.

There ought to be some sort of Bandwidth Exchange, whereby those of us with (perhaps temporary) surplus capacity can pass it on to those in a bind. It would make life easier for a lot of people.

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You use 30 gb a month? There is no way this site should use that much bandwidth. Unless you get 100,000 hits a day.

Posted by: Geoffrey at 7:35 AM on 11 July 2003

(I think this was intended for Too Much to Dream; I haven't used 30 GB total since Day One back in 1996.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:40 AM on 11 July 2003

And yes, apparently my site is getting about 100,000 hits a day -- not my own blog (that gets measly hits), it's another blog that I host on a subdomain. Part of the problem seems to have been the size of the index page -- I reduced that. Another problem was some search engine that kept hitting the site over and over in one day. The host admin set up a bad-bot blocking thing on the .htaccess file, we will see if that takes care of the problem.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:17 AM on 11 July 2003

How big was the index page in question? (Mine runs about 105k text, about 20k in graphics, and I always wonder if maybe it's too damned big.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:04 AM on 11 July 2003

I know *I have bandwidth to spare. Heh.

Posted by: margi at 5:13 PM on 11 July 2003

I'm using barely over half my capacity, and I've always been enough of a byte-miser that this worries me.

Where's that .htaccess file? Gotta ban some 'bots!

Posted by: McGehee at 10:04 AM on 12 July 2003

My problem has never been bandwidth. (One has to have visitors for bandwidth to be an issue.) My problem was space. After I ran up against a hard ceiling that mangled my comments database, I upgraded to a more expensive plan that gave me 11GB/month bandwidth, plus 125MB of space and three databases. All for the low price of $11/month. Considering that it took my 15 months to use up 25MB of space, I figure that I'm good until 2008 at the least.

Posted by: timekeeper at 11:27 AM on 13 July 2003

I'm running about 45 MB of disk space right now, something like 3.5 MB being devoted to the MySQL database that runs MT here.

Presently, to run at the bleeding edge of my plan limits, I'd have to be pulling close to 12,000 visitors a day, which isn't going to happen any time soon.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:25 PM on 13 July 2003

Simple bandwith solution is to host your own site. Yes, you have to buy a server, but they are dirt cheap these days. I would recommend it. I don't do it, yet because my site doesn't get so much traffic that it pushes my limit to the edge. But, for those with heavy traffic sites, I would recommend setting up a simple web server. I can be done for under a few hundred bucks. Then you can host your own email, etc.

Posted by: SageOne at 12:34 PM on 15 July 2003

My solution. I host with They give me 25GB of montly transfer, 1000MB of space, unlimited databases, scripting capabilities, on a Unix/Linux platform...all for only $20/YEAR! If I ever exceed my bandwidth "allowance" (highly unlikely), they will only charge me $2/GB/mo for the extra bandwidth used. I would recommend that you give them a look. (Oh yeah...their customer service rocks too!)

Posted by: Tom Reynolds at 12:58 PM on 4 January 2004