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11 July 2003

No bucks, son, you gotta work late

Both Rust (Conservatives Suck) and Bruce (This Is Class Warfare) have reported on the changes in Federal overtime regulations proposed by the Bush administration. Neither of them is particularly happy about the plan. Said Bruce, apparently admonishing middle-management types:

Once the hounddogs have dug up the working/blue collar stiffs and wrung them out to dry did you honestly think they wouldn't sniff your bloated paychecks a mile away and not think "fresh meat".

And Rust observed:

While I do agree that certain high-paying jobs are high paying for a reason — that reason being that you're expected to work long, hard hours, such as executive work — I am disappointed that Bush pushed for, and the House backed down on, laws that limit how much overtime compensation a worker receives.

I'm not especially thrilled with the proposal myself, although it's unlikely to affect me personally. Certainly the categories established for overtime exemption by the Depression-era Fair Labor Standards Act ("executive", "administrative" and "professional") are vague, and vagueness opens the door to abuse. But I do wonder why the ceiling for guaranteed overtime pay was set where it was ($22,100 per year). And some of the new qualifications are a bit perplexing: for instance, admin types, currently required to "exercise discretion and independent judgment" to be exempt, would merely have to occupy "a position of responsibility," doing work of ''substantial importance" or requiring "a high level of skill or training.''

I put in about 49 hours a week on average. My skill level is somewhere between tremendous and immeasurable; on the other hand, I'm even lower on the organizational chart than the Litho in U.S.A. label, and what I do seems to be important only if I don't actually do it.

Posted at 10:29 PM to Dyssynergy

What? You've only made it to "immeasurable"? We're going to have to get a remedial program together for you, Charles. "Galactic" level by Labor Day, or bust!

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:56 AM on 12 July 2003

Screw that. I'm going on vacation for three weeks. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:53 AM on 12 July 2003

Make it four. The longer you're gone the more of a shambles the place'll be in when you get back.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:09 AM on 12 July 2003

Oh, it will be in a shambles within two days; my, um, replacement is being sent off to a sweatshop for a week during my absence, which gives you some idea of how highly my section is regarded.

If the gods were sufficiently kindly — but never mind about that. I'm probably over my lifetime slack threshold by now.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:42 PM on 12 July 2003

Hmmmm. No support for a week.

You only miss what you have when it's gone.

Tell your co-workers (those whom you like) to stay far away from 42nd and Treadmill during that week. so they can avoid the firestorm that will consume the building in your absence.

Posted by: timekeeper at 11:19 AM on 13 July 2003

There exists no fan large enough for everything that could hit its theoretical blades during the remainder of this month.

Fortunately, I will spend much of it out of cell-phone range.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:21 PM on 13 July 2003