The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

12 July 2003

Say it in subtitles

Fritz Schranck might be a member of the Rehoboth Beach Film Society, which, judging by its mission statement, is likely a sterling bunch of folks.

Unlike the foreign-film buffs that Donna always seems to encounter:

As much as I love to see foreign films, I hate the audience. There is always a group of people who feel the need to demonstrate their grasp of "culture" by laughing a little too loud and a little too long at mildly amusing situations within the movie. The laughs are forced and desperate. HO HO HA HA I GET IT! SEE, I AM SMART AND WORDLY, THIS IS HYSTERICAL HA HA HA!

Donna's Philadelphia is evidently farther from Fritz's Sussex County than I thought.

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