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13 July 2003

Blairing from the housetops

I've avoided saying anything about the Blair Hornstine caper, mainly because every time I got my rhetorical ducks in a row, some new development moved the pond. Now that Harvard has decided not to accept her at all, not exactly a coda but certainly the last repeat, what the heck got into that girl?

The most rational explanation came at Number 2 Pencil, not from Kimberly Swygert herself, but from a commenter to this post of hers. Said Kate (no, not that Kate):

I think that Blair is bright enough but not a genius and when her true abilities became apparent, Mom and Dad formulated a plan to ensure that Blair would follow in her bro's footsteps. Thus, her "disability" was cooked up, Mom did her social service work, and Dad handled the school district. Blair went along with it, beacause they're the 'rents, but also because she's not going to be Adam's dorky little sister forever. Her dad's teeth fit her shoulder perfectly.

It makes perfect sense. And it probably would have worked, too, until they started complaining about the tie for valedictorian, and suddenly there was a reason to check her papers.

Good judgment, they say, comes from experience, which in turn comes from bad judgment. Score this one under Experience, and see if Miss Hornstine ultimately turns it to her advantage — but don't bet more than the spread.

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