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14 July 2003

Start me up

The World Tour, such as it is, begins here.

Over the next seventeen (more or less) days, I will be exploring American roads both major and minor, seeing sights, occasionally seeing friends, and in general doing most of the things that fall under the general heading of "road trip".

For the first few days, I will be accompanied by my children, who haven't really had a chance to do the "Are we there yet?" bit in quite some time. After that — starting this Friday — I'm on my own.

My best guesstimate right now is 4,800 miles, slightly longer than the previous Tours but not at all out of reach; in fact, only on one day do I have to travel as far as 500 miles, way below my personal best (personal farthest, anyway) of 806.

Assuming I can find a place to connect my trusty Toshiba notebook, I will be posting updates each day. The statistics and such will be compiled at the end, as usual. Entries will be in reverse order on the front page, of course, but you can read them first to last in the World Tour '03 category archive (link under "Archives" to your left).

But that's just bloggage. Right now, I have a road to hit.

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Good Luck! Have fun! Drive safely!

Posted by: Donna at 12:48 PM on 14 July 2003

Charles, even though I'm Air Force, the Navy has (I believe) an appropriate expression: Fair Winds & Following Seas.

Have a great trip - enjoy the road - and we look forward to any posting that you can do en route. And pictures, of course...lots of 'em!

And one more thing: you better be includin' Montana in your World Tour '04 plans, buddy!

Posted by: DavidMSC at 7:31 PM on 14 July 2003

Have a great tour Charles, and don't worry about us. We'll still be here when you get back.

Posted by: Marc at 8:02 PM on 14 July 2003

Be careful, have a great time! Will look forward to your updates from the road :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:19 PM on 15 July 2003