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19 July 2003

The Detroit Blog Bash

Still in Romulus

Well, okay, it wasn't billed as such, but rather a lot of us turned out for Dean Esmay's birthday party, and a fine time was had by all, with topics as diverse as Stax/Volt vs. Motown, the historical importance of Desi Arnaz, and why police radar doesn't work on a particular stretch of I-94.

My thanks to Dean and Rosemary, who put together one heck of a party. I have already been warned that they will post Actual Pictures; being old and slow, I had no opportunity to duck.

Update, Monday, 3:45 pm: No pictorial evidence yet, which is a shame since all the women attending were, as they say back in Minnesota, above average, but Dean's posted his thoughts on the matter.

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