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22 July 2003

We got your mountains right here

Beckley, West Virginia - 2688.1 miles

Recipe for sheer panic: Take one winding road through southern Ohio and northern West Virginia. Add three or four construction crews. Marinate in an inch and a half of rain over a period of twenty minutes. Garnish with tearful old Brenda Lee records. It's a wonder I got this far today.

And speaking of old records, a tip of the ol' sombrero to Muzak (!), which is offering a Sixties package of some sort to its subscribers that is three or four orders of magnitude better than three-fourths of the ostensible "oldies" stations out there. Digging up Jan Bradley's lovely and unjustly-forgotten "Mama Didn't Lie" deserves credit all by itself, but playing a James Brown song that isn't "I Got You (I Feel Good)" or "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"? That's the most unheard-of thing I ever heard of. And the fact that this is being heard, not on your radio or mine, but in a seafood place in Ripley, West Virginia, should embarrass the entire broadcast industry, were it capable of embarrassment, which it obviously isn't.

But enough of this rant. Tomorrow, it's off to Floyd County, Virginia, and Fred is down at the gen'l store picking up some hatches so he can have them battened down by noon.

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Hatches are battened. You should be able to cross the creeks tomorrow; if not, email me and I'll get you a map of the ridges to follow. Hope you're suitcase is equipped with ATV pull-wheels.

Nah. We got that frog-choker here today too, but you shouldn't have any problems with high water.

And, even if you hear Dueling Banjos, don't turn around. You're on the right road. Two miles. Hold on for two miles. See you noonish, and welcome to the archtype of "the boonies".

Posted by: fredf at 8:27 PM on 22 July 2003