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25 July 2003

Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike

Jamesburg, New Jersey - 3345.7 miles

Only two hours of driving today, and of course I took five hours to do it.

Leaving Baltimore on US 1, I drove over the top of a dam, something unusual for me, ventured into southeast Pennsylvania, and promptly got sidetracked. I took Pennsylvania 82 into the old town of Kennett Square, and on the far side of downtown it turns into one of those slow, winding roads through what seems to be the middle of a forest. Exactly the sort of thing I find irresistible; it should surprise no one that I didn't notice when it mutated into Delaware 82. (Thank you, Mr. Dixon, and you too, Mr. Mason.) Coming back north on Delaware (later Pennsylvania) 52, I headed east, wandered into downtown Philadelphia via the Schuylkill ("Sure-Kill") Expressway, crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge (two lanes out of a possible four were closed), and against the advice of well-meaning friends, cruised through the city of Camden, eventually jumping on the infamous New Jersey Turnpike, where speeds were running between 70 mph and 7 mph, depending on one's proximity to an exit that handles beach traffic.

Time now for some serious partying, so to speak.

Toll report: New Jersey Turnpike, $1.40; total $5.15. (The Ben Franklin Bridge is free coming out of Philly; there's a toll only if you start in New Jersey. Obviously they're trying to tell us something.)

Posted at 2:55 PM to World Tour '03

You're in my neck of the woods!!!!!!!

Posted by: Donna at 6:08 PM on 25 July 2003

You were in Philly, and you didn't stop by for a drink? For shame!

Posted by: Oscar Jr. at 7:14 PM on 25 July 2003

Put yourself in my shoes (New Balance, 14 EE) and contemplate the following:

Had I time to kill in Philly, would I be more likely to:

1) Toss back a couple of drinks with Oscar, or

2) Try to pick up Donna?

Posted by: CGHill at 8:28 AM on 26 July 2003

Well, when you put it that way...

Posted by: Oscar Jr. at 3:22 PM on 26 July 2003

Charles-- I don't know if you would be able to pick me up, I am quite heavy ;-)
I hope you at least had the time to stop for a cheesesteak during your pass though Philly.

Posted by: Donna at 4:09 PM on 26 July 2003