The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 July 2003

Full speed behind

St Louis County, Missouri - 4504.0 miles

(I think I'm in Crestwood, but identifying the individual communities in St Louis County [not to mention the city of St Louis, which is not in St Louis County] is a job for someone with greater expertise than I.)

After yesterday's jaunt through the mountains in the rain, it was time for a sunny session on the superslab: I-64 out of West Virginia and across Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, then across the Mississippi River and into Missouri. And apart from spates of construction here and there (mostly there), it ran pretty quickly; I was averaging a solid 60 mph, without deducting for lunch and/or toilet breaks, until I entered St Louis, where traffic moves at the whim of the gods, if at all.

At this rate, I might actually be home tomorrow night.

Update, 31 July, 11:15 am: I have decided that, barring some sudden influx of contrary information, Crestwood is the place. If you'd like to contradict me, please be prepared to tell me precisely which municipality, if any, contains the southeast corner of Lindbergh Blvd. and East Watson Road.

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