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2 August 2003

Where all roads are toll roads

If you think my World Tour is a bit limited in its scope, wait until you see Tom Daschle's.

(And how, I'd like to know, does one focus a motor trip around the issue of health care?)

(Update, 9:45 am: The Emperor has cast Imperial aspersions upon Daschle's trip and blog. Hilarity ensues.)

Posted at 9:16 AM to Blogorrhea

"No staff" -- does he literally mean a solo trip? No security, no press aides, no ANYone?

I find that difficult to believe.

Posted by: David at 4:52 PM on 2 August 2003

Well, it can be done — but I can't imagine it being done by someone like Daschle.

Perhaps he's going to have the trip choreographed to the nth detail, and there will be staffers waiting for him at every "random" stop.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:04 PM on 2 August 2003