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2 August 2003

A second opinion

The World Tour is over, but that doesn't mean it's going away quietly.

Last Sunday, you'll remember, I wrote about landing in Delaware and meeting up with Fritz Schranck. Now as a general rule, I don't go out of my way to make myself look like an idiot — sometimes, it just comes naturally — so I didn't go into a whole lot of detail regarding my failure to negotiate the foibles of the First State; if you want the really gory details, well, you'll have to go to Fritz.

Maybe I need a "warts and all" category.

Posted at 4:45 PM to Blogorrhea , World Tour '03

At least you had the excuse of not living there, and having only arrived that day.

I think I'm onto most of the traffic idiosyncrasies in my immediate area, but there have been times when confusing or absent signage has sent me miles out of my way, despite my being a resident for, on the most recent occasion I can think of, about two years.

Of course, I've now been here four years late next month, so I may be about due for another unintentional side tour of some place I never intended to go.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:48 AM on 3 August 2003

Yeah, but it's a guy thing. We're supposed to be able to negotiate the Labyrinth without so much as stirring the dust around the Minotaur.

And I really wouldn't have minded it so much if I hadn't been running out of gas in the process.

Remind me to tell you about backtracking through downtown Macon in 2001. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:15 PM on 4 August 2003