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2 August 2003

Gibleting idiots

Martin Brest is the man behind Gigli — he directed it from his own script — but so far as I can discern from all the negative buzz, the spiritual father of this film is Arthur Carlson, station manager at Cincinnati radio station WKRP. "As God is my witness," said Brest, evidently channeling Carlson, "I thought this turkey would fly."

Turkeys play a role in the film, or at least in its dialogue, being the central image in the least-convincing sexual come-on since — well, since I used to date. Natalie at Pickle Juice is happy to rewrite the line, with considerably more persuasive results.

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In the movie, according to this story, Ben uses this seduction line: "I'm the bull, you're the cow."

Yep, that'll get her in the mood.

Posted by: Goof Beyou at 3:50 PM on 3 August 2003