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4 August 2003

Induction into the rotary club

The Professor has bagged himself a Mazda RX-8, the very car I was drooling upon at the local dealership last Friday. (Well, not the same literal car, but you know what I mean.)

What I want to know is: Did he get the stick shift?

Posted at 8:36 PM to Driver's Seat

Did you test drive it? I've never driven a rotary, but everyone I know that had an RX-7 has said nothing but good things about it.

Posted by: Ravenwood at 8:58 PM on 4 August 2003

I decided not to, on the honorable basis that if I did, I would be very much inclined to write a check. :)

The rotaries have their quirks, but if you look after their particular needs — the RX-7 and its predecessors burn a little bit of oil to lubricate the apex seals, which the RX-8 does not, and the very early rotaries without knock sensors would blow those seals with the slightest detonation — they're darn near indestructible, and there's something delightful about spooling up to 8000 rpm and knowing you have a thousand revs left.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:09 PM on 4 August 2003

And yes, he did get the stick.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:41 AM on 5 August 2003