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6 August 2003

Evidence of dain bramage

One-third of my freezer is given over to the sort of thing we used to call TV Dinners. I don't eat these in front of the TV, of course; I cart them off to work, one a day, so I have time to wolf down something that doesn't say "Burger King" on the packaging during the meager half-hour I get for lunch.

I was rotating the stock this evening when I noticed something highly unStoufferlike; for some reason, in the midst of all that cardboard, there was actual plastic. A tilt of the stack, and out it came: a CD I had burned late last year, in one of those half-height not-exactly-jewel boxes, a hot mix literally put on ice.

I doubt that the cover art would have put anyone off his appetite or anything, but audio products in general do not belong in the freezer. And God only knows how long it's been there: I know how it got there — obviously I pulled the disc when I got back from the supermarket, dropped it into one of the sacks and then forgot about it — but the last time I went grocery-shopping was last Thursday, and I didn't take this disc with me, and I'd been on the road for rather a long time before that, so the latest this could have occurred is, um, the fifth of July.

Oh, and it plays just fine. Bless you, Verbatim.

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Sheesh - I thought only I did stuff like this. Heartening, really.

Posted by: Moira Breen at 3:20 PM on 11 August 2003

What's worse is when there are witnesses. I remember once at a racquetball tournament I was looking for my eyeguards. Finally the ref asked what was holding me up, and he pointed out that I was wearing them on my forehead.

Posted by: J Bowen at 12:11 PM on 12 August 2003

A question I was once asked: "When you become senile, how will you tell?"

Posted by: JosephnHertzlinger at 4:50 PM on 15 August 2003

I thought I was the only one who left odd things in the fridge. Last time it was the iron.

I came home, went for a soda and came up with Proctor Silex. :)

Posted by: Jon at 8:02 PM on 2 September 2003