The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

9 August 2003

Unexpected traffic

The number of readers dropped off considerably during the World Tour, something I hadn't been expecting — the regulars stuck by, but occasionals who rely on pings were presumably let down by the lower volume thereof — but I got a spike yesterday, from, of all places, The Bitch Girls.

Would this be called a "Bitchalanche?" Maybe. I do know that almost 20 percent of yesterday's visitors came from this entry by the self-described Bitter Bitch, to whom I am profoundly (and perhaps even profanely) grateful. I usually don't do this well with the freaking Carnival.

Posted at 9:49 AM to Blogorrhea

Yes, regrettbly, Charles, I was so jealous that you got to go on a nice long road trip while I couldn't manage the time to do so, I had to skip all your posts so as to not feel bad that I was not on the road seeing the sights. My sincere apologies.

Posted by: Tiger at 5:32 PM on 9 August 2003