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14 August 2003

We ain't got no culcha

SurlyPundit would like to visit New York, and a lot of the usual reasons apply, but her reasoning behind those reasons is interesting:

Canadians and other non-Americans love to jeer at Yanks for lacking culture, which I will never understand — the MOMA, the Metropolitan Art Gallery, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Carnegie Hall, the art galleries and opera houses and theatres and museums even in relatively small cities? Canada is a cultural wasteland, and not only by comparison. The only gallery really worth seeing here besides the National is the Lord Beaverbrook in Fredericton, and I bet most Canadians haven't heard of it. The AGO is passable, but it hardly measures up to the New Brunswick place, and you expect more from Toronto, the largest city in the nation. If we spent less time complaining about this fact and more time actually making art, things might be different. So the next time someone starts jacking off about how Americans are such boors with their McCulture or whatever, please punch him in the face and tell him what I just told you, and then go make some art.

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Some of our off-jackers will be unimpressed — "So our dead white men are just as good as their dead white men?" — but out here on the prairie, we do our damnedest to preserve the good stuff because, well, that's just the sort of thing we do.

Posted at 8:00 AM to Almost Yogurt

Please, you are sounding like Singapore, "we've built several arts galleries, we're not a cultural desert at all".

Posted by: European at 9:46 AM on 18 August 2003

Well, we did more than just build them. They get used.

An empty museum is little more than a tomb, yes; but if our approach is occasionally unorthodox, our results are genuine.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:25 AM on 18 August 2003