The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 August 2003

Not necessarily hosed

The following item is from 1999. Really. However, since I only found it last night, while following up some of the items in my referrer log, I have no qualms about reprinting it today, especially since my reaction to it is the same today as it would have been four years ago. The source is Breakup Girl's SuperList, a worthy protoblog that unfortunately didn't make it into the current version of the site. (I did update the link.)

Last week (sorry!) was the Venastat Great American Cross-Out, which called for women to stop crossing their legs for one day. Why? Apparently it leads to bad circulation (blood, not social). According to Venastat's research, 45% of American women cross their legs most or nearly all the time. Most of those (72%) say it's just a habit; 59% say it's flirting. And 70% of men say it works. I say "Your legs are your friends; keep them together."

All thoughts of Sharon Stone aside — just 70 percent?

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