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15 August 2003

Another shoe drops

For a medium-sized market, Oklahoma City seems to have an awful lot of weird radio stories.

The latest (found at a thread at involves Ralph Tyler, owner of KTSH in Tishomingo, mentioned before in this space because Tyler had applied to move the station to Tuttle, on the edge of the Oklahoma City metro. (A separate Tyler company, not owned by Ralph Tyler, had successfully moved other stations into the area.)

The FCC apparently discovered that Tyler's acquisition of KTSH from a small Christian broadcaster didn't go quite the way the transfer application claimed, and the resulting consent decree [requires Adobe Acrobat Reader] calls for Tyler to give up the license for the station and to divest himself of his interests in two other stations, one of which is the newly-hatched KOCY. The application to move KTSH to Tuttle will, of course, be dismissed.

Given the fact that blatant violations of so-called "decency" rules will get a station owner a stiff fine at worst, I've got to wonder just how horrendous those misrepresentations in that transfer application really are.

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He lied to the FCC. Simple. The FCC balked at letting him change the city license from Tishomingo citing that there was no station to serve that community. He shut down KTSH, donated his equipment to a non-commercial station that was signing on so he could get it on the air to serve Tishomingo so he could move KTSH out of Tishomingo. Then, he reported equipment failure as the reason KTSH went silent.

Posted by: Tommy at 11:09 PM on 18 September 2003