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25 August 2003

A/C report

The New Box arrived Sunday noon; it was up and running by 1:45, though it took a good five hours to drop the interior temperature from 89 degrees (Fahrenheit) to 75. Of course, middle, then upper, 90s prevailed outside, and I'd hate to imagine how many liters of water were removed from the inside air; it was getting downright moist in here.

All hail Freon, god of refrigeration.

Posted at 6:19 AM to General Disinterest

FREON? I thought they stopped using that stuff years ago!

Posted by: phillip at 6:27 AM on 25 August 2003

Yeah, but "All hail R-134, god of refrigeration" just doesn't sound good. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:28 AM on 25 August 2003

Now try taking that 89 degree interior, jam 31 stinking 14-year-old prepubescent creatures in it, and jump around the room teaching what a dangling participle is.

(Please. No DP jokes.)

(Hmm..wait..I forgot. CT doesn't want us to teach grammar and vocabulary anymore. Our mission statement which we received in our Welcome Back Packet: "STUDENTS AND TEACHERS WORK COLLABORATIVELY". Note, of course, which comes first. I am so jaded.)

Posted by: vickie at 2:40 PM on 25 August 2003



Geez. Guantanamo is starting to look a whole lot better.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:02 PM on 25 August 2003

Thirty-THREE are permitted contractually.

But hey. What the hell. I screwed off all summer, right?

Posted by: vickie at 4:41 PM on 25 August 2003

And to think I almost posted this article about the new contract at Moore schools, south of Oklahoma City.

Pertinent paragraphs:

Both sides agreed to continued classroom size exemptions for economic reasons.

The contract states kindergarten through third-grade teachers may have only 22 students in their class while fourth- through sixth-grade teachers may have as many as 27.

Secondary teachers may teach as many as 150 students in a day.

Maybe I do have some sort of self-preservation instinct after all.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:23 PM on 25 August 2003