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26 August 2003


Oh, please.

Did anybody this side of Fred Phelps actually think that SpongeBob SquarePants is gay?

Now bi, I might believe.

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Posted at 7:43 AM to Almost Yogurt

Frankly, I always viewed him as being asexual. I think sex would gross him out.

Now Squidward - he's gay.

Posted by: michele at 7:49 AM on 26 August 2003

Don't sponges reproduce like amoebas?

What's with the squirrel, anyway?

Posted by: McGehee at 8:28 AM on 26 August 2003

Sandy? She's a friend from Texas who listens to Pantera. She's cooler than everyone in Bikini Bottom.

I once had an idea for a SpongeBob contraceptive...

Posted by: michele at 9:27 AM on 26 August 2003

What idiots...just like the morons who thought that Ren & Stimpy were gay.

They were BUDDIES, people - just pals. Sex wasn't even in the realm of possibility. They weren't even cognizant of such activity.

I am referring only to the first season and a half...after that, R&S just got plain stupid, gay undertones or not.

Posted by: David at 9:16 PM on 26 August 2003

Aside from Stimpy's occasional dream of suckling a litter of mixed moronic kittens and high-strung puppies...

Posted by: McGehee at 11:03 AM on 27 August 2003