The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

28 August 2003

Received wisdom (one in a series)

And once again, said wisdom emanates from Donnaville, now in spiffy new MT digs.

[H]aving observed 100s of couples, I noticed that most men have what appears to be an innate need to pick their girlfriend up and spin her around. Because I stand 6 feet in height, the likelihood of a man being able to pick me up and spin me around (without my feet dragging on the ground) is not very good. This immediately nixes me as a potential mate.

Then again, according to six-foot-six Penn Jillette, one of the sweetest sounds on earth is "Oh, I could wear heels with you."

Posted at 10:09 PM to Almost Yogurt

Thank you for my first TrackBack!!! :-) I think I am going to like Movable Type-- I just hope I don't pull out all my hair before then.

Posted by: Donna at 2:05 PM on 29 August 2003

If you do, don't post a picture. :)

MT can be frustrating, but it works most of the time, which is something hardly anyone ever said about B***ger.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:25 PM on 29 August 2003