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30 August 2003

Does blog advertising work?

I dunno. I don't carry any.

But I did follow a Blogspot ad (it was at Bleeding Brain, if you're curious) this morning to the official site of one of the 128,597 people running for governor of California, a chap named Garrett Gruener, venture capitalist and founder of Ask Jeeves.

Interestingly, Gruener has a TypePad blog, which I suppose he'd rather you read from a popup from his main site than from that link, but at least there's more to it than "Vote for me, I'll set you free."

I guess Gruener's ad worked. Sort of.

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TypePad...phft...blogger wannabe!

Posted by: David at 3:53 PM on 30 August 2003

Heck yes, blog advertising works. Whether you want to titillate or annoy, blogs are great places to advertise. I've linked my contact details (below) straight through to some fun blog advertising testimonials.

-- Henry

Posted by: henrycopeland at 9:31 PM on 26 September 2003