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31 August 2003

The gully is duly washed

We're about halfway through this particular wet spell, although how long it lasts is at least partially dependent upon how long it takes tropical storm Grace to fall apart over Texas. Right now, it looks like the last of the rain from this batch will show up tonight; remnants of Grace will begin affecting the area on Monday and Tuesday.

So far, a smidgen over two inches at the airport, "which is stupid," said George Carlin's hippy-dippy weatherman Al Sleet, "'cause I don't know anybody who lives at the airport." Not nearly enough to erase the overall deficit for the year, but it helps, and there's more on the way. Based on past performance, I should be thoroughly sick of it by Thursday or so, but the Weather Guys are sort of confident that it will all be over long before then.

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Which one? Mike Morgan? He always was a little too enthusiastic over a cold front, iffn' you get my meanin'. Same for Rick Mitchell. I like Gary England. It's probably all an act, but he's folksy and direct. When Gary says "get in your shelter, NOW" by golly, I DID it. Heh.

Posted by: margi at 3:27 PM on 31 August 2003

Another advantage of checking this through the Net: it's slightly less hysterical.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:48 PM on 31 August 2003

I'm happy to announce Little Axe, Oklahoma has now received the normal amount of rainfall for the year. Four days ago we were 9 inches behind. And you want to talk gullies? I'll show ya gullies!

Posted by: Mike at 7:11 PM on 31 August 2003

Nine inches? Jeebus. The water must be up to your doorknobs by now.

We're hovering around 3 for the period right now, with some unspecified amount to come.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:19 PM on 31 August 2003

And it's coming down with great vigor this morning, in between patches of fog. Visibility is down around the Claude Raines level.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:20 AM on 1 September 2003

And when it finally ends the temp will go up to 100 degrees and the humidity won't be far below that. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain! :-)

Posted by: Lynn S at 8:58 AM on 1 September 2003