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2 September 2003

Quiet desperation

Dr. Frank perhaps suspects the presence of Englishmen somewhere in my family tree:

I'm not sure if you'd use "emotion" for the heavy, gloomy, resigned "we're all doomed and there's no point" manner that most Brits seem to affect around 80% of the time: within every man, woman, child, banker, Queen, beggar, glamour girl, or bus conductor, there seems to lurk an inner Morrissey that doesn't have much trouble taking hold of the host organism in most circumstances. Other than that, though, the Brits have the unique ability to be embarrassed by just about everything.

"Inner Morrissey"? Now I am scared.

I suppose, though, I should find solace in the idea of an entire people with the same limited capacity for joy as I.

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I used to tap my inner Morrisey when I was in high school, but I got over it.

Posted by: Chris at 10:56 AM on 3 September 2003

Not that there is anything wrong with being Melancholy (which I am every day I wake up and go to work), it is just the relentless self pity of Morrissey finally wore off.

Posted by: Chris at 10:58 AM on 3 September 2003