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5 September 2003

You're censoring me!

A reminder from Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau:

Technically, the exclusion of my strip from a newspaper is not censorship. It's called editing. Newspaper editors have a right and responsibility to control the content of their papers. They're public stewards and have to make dozens of calls every day on what meets the standards of their particular community. I don't always admire the rationale for dropping a strip...but I see no reason why I should expect to be in every one of 700 papers every day.

You'd be surprised how many people haven't figured this out yet. Or maybe you wouldn't.

Posted at 8:15 AM to Almost Yogurt

Ack! Trudeau making sense, do you know what that means!?

I have to get to the store and stock up on bread, milk and TP for the End Times!

Posted by: McGehee at 2:29 PM on 5 September 2003

Magruder is a Grade-A Moron. I've seen him twice on C-SPAN pushing his book/cartoons, and he is truly an idiot.

Posted by: David at 6:56 PM on 6 September 2003

I've been commenting on this the past few days... I question whether Trudeau would be singing the same tune had he not prepped himself ahead of time on this by providing an alternate, masturbation-free strip. It'd have been brain-dead of him not to make contingency plans. Still, the next time he encounters blowback that he's not prepared for, will he still subscribe to this viewpoint?

Posted by: CT at 2:27 PM on 7 September 2003

I get the feeling that he's come to this particular conclusion over time; I suspect that he didn't think this at all the first couple of times that a paper or three refused to run a strip, but gradually he's come to realize the wisdom of Liebling's Law ("Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one").

Posted by: CGHill at 2:38 PM on 7 September 2003