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5 September 2003

Depart, O cursed clue!

I'm not sure if I'm being trolled, or if I've simply been visited by someone who shouldn't be allowed into cyberspace for safety reasons.

Here's the comment in question, unedited for content or anything else:

dear sir, i am not able to find anything specific information which i alway's try to get to no about indian school's and soem other kind of information by using's a nice surf but it alway's has information which relates mainly on american and other developed countries and nothing specific about ther underdeveloped i would like to conclude if you can include the specicfic information i tihnk it's your job as you run this net ..well waiting to her from you sir.... honesty is the best policy.

This comment was attached to an April article on credit cards, which is obviously a topic far removed from this individual's interests.

The visitor's IP address traces back to Jaipur, which perhaps explains the "indian school's" bit.

Still: "you run this net"? I run this net? I may run this domain, but my influence over the rest of the Internet is somewhere between infinitesimal and nil and declining all the time.

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Ah yes, but we've always been at war with Europa.


Chaz runs the net.


Posted by: Entrebat at 1:59 PM on 5 September 2003

Well -- if you run this net, Chaz, do something about spam!

And pop-ups!

And trolls!


Posted by: McGehee at 2:34 PM on 5 September 2003

Could you restrict access to those that fall above a minimum IQ while you're at it?

Posted by: Geoffrey at 2:59 PM on 5 September 2003

Spammers? And popups? And trolls? Oh, my.

Geoffrey, I really don't know what you did to deserve that pack of wankers which haunts your comment section — the way these things go, probably nothing at all — but every day they seem to be just a trifle dumber than the day before. At this rate they'll be down around bivalve level come Sunday noon.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:29 PM on 5 September 2003