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9 September 2003

A view from a fan

This was up on the front page at RockSnobs, and it's good enough to warrant repeating:

While I still don't have the fire in the belly to give Warren Zevon the proper tribute he deserves, I cannot let his death go unmentioned. The fact that he was given three months and stayed for a year makes me smile. That Warren Zevon, always doing his own thing. Of course it is bothering me that he never really got much press until he was dying. I mean, I just saw Kurt Loder on the freaking MTV talking about him. And I know from record store experience that people are rushing out and buying his music, just like when John Entwistle died. But maybe, just maybe, thanks to all the coverage, some kids will discover a great and underrated artist, and that is never a bad thing.


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I had to check the URL real quick-like. It's still Chaz. Whew! (I'm trying really hard to stay out of the Great Blogwar. Really, I am.)

P.S. I'm very sorry I missed the Q&A. Do it again soon. That one was fun.

Posted by: margi at 1:48 PM on 9 September 2003