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9 September 2003

O most wretched anniversary

I wasn't there on the morning of the 11th; I was doing the same old workaday stuff that I always do. But the radio was on, I was half-listening, and suddenly the voices got higher and more agitated and eventually it sunk in that the world had changed right then and there.

There are many stories from that day. Some of the best of them are collected at Voices: Stories From 9/11 And Beyond, which surely you've read by now. And as of this afternoon, I'd thought it over, and decided I had nothing to add to the discussion, nothing to say I was willing to call my own.

And then the floodgates opened and the words followed in rapid succession.

It was written on the night of the 9th, but it's dated September 11th, and it's up now as Vent #356. I'm not sure if it's the best thing I've ever written, or the worst. Probably it's somewhere in between. One thing for sure: it's an object lesson in what happens when you try to retain too much composure for too long a time.

(I owe this one to Michele; the strength she's shown in collecting and compiling the stories — and in putting the fools in their proper place — has been truly inspirational.)

Posted at 9:54 PM to Dyssynergy

For all you naive, sophomoric peaceniks read Vent#356 and take heed...

Posted by: paulsmos at 12:35 PM on 10 September 2003

Placing 9/11 in sequence with Oklahoma City makes it all the more obvious that we need to act and continue to act to stop this nonsense. Add in the first WTC bombing and the embassy bombings and the US Cole and ... and ...and ... It becomes even clearer. Moving on is meaningless if to do so is to forget or ignore. Thanks for sharing. Your thoughts are much more coherent than mine. I keep trying to write. Instead I cry.

Posted by: punctilious at 8:50 PM on 10 September 2003