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12 September 2003

Obviously I have learned nothing

Earlier this week, I threw caution to the winds — normally, this being Oklahoma, the winds would throw it back, but fall makes for some odd weather patterns around here — and fielded questions from readers. It went fairly well, all things considered, although there was some grumbling about the narrow window of opportunity.

So here we are again with version 2.0, which differs from the previous version in one substantive manner: you get more time. Thirty-six hours, in fact. Between now and 9 am Central on Sunday, you may post your questions as comments to this article; at that time, comments will be closed and I will make my best attempt at coming up with answers.

Ground rules:

  • This is, after all, a Get To Know Me! project; while I am a tolerable Trivial Pursuit player and a better-than-average Googler, you shouldn't expect me to tell you every detail of Caractacus's uniform.

  • If the question is answered elsewhere on this site, expect to be pointed thereto.

  • Questions received in email or through other channels will be handled on an individual basis as appropriate.

  • Even I have standards.

Them's the rules. Go for it.

Posted at 9:00 PM to General Disinterest

Well! I won't wait so long this time. What is your most treasured possession, and why?

Posted by: susanna at 10:03 PM on 12 September 2003

You name your Mazdas. Why? If you purchased a Hyandai (in some hideously contrived alternate universe) what would you name it?

Posted by: Joe Goodwin at 10:36 PM on 12 September 2003

Do you roll your hose on a reel, or leave it lying on the ground? Uh, assuming you have a yard or a garden or something...

Posted by: Alan Sullivan at 11:47 PM on 12 September 2003

I'm laying odds here and now that he ain't answering your hose question in a manner pertinent to gardening.

Posted by: vickie at 7:23 AM on 13 September 2003

Of the songs named by the Democratic presidential candidates as their favorites, which do you like best? Which do you like least? Which made you want to contemplate undertaking an act of political violence (other than the song you liked least)?

Posted by: McGehee at 10:28 AM on 13 September 2003

The inquiring minds at Blog o'RAM want to know...

What is the last thing you invented?(samax)

If an elephant's eye is the standard what do you use as a point of reference in Oklahoma? (punctilious)

If you are again passing through Northern Ohio may I buy you a beer? (rammer)

Posted by: samax at 1:42 PM on 13 September 2003

If you were to throw a dinner party and could invite anyone {real or unreal} who would it be...yes, this includes dead people although properly attired.

Posted by: paulsmos at 4:58 PM on 13 September 2003