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15 September 2003

Dewey? You bet we do

S. Y. Affolee proposes the classification of blogs for archival purposes, using the Dewey Decimal System.

There are, of course, arguments for and against this particular usage:

I can see this appealing to people who want a sense of order in the hodgepodge that is the web. In a way, searching a blog by number is a lot more civilized than googling random terms. But the question is, do I really want to be a number? I think it's okay for uber-organizers to use this to manage links but I would not want the sidebar of my blog to read "041.920" like the bookspines in a real library.

A quarter of my traffic comes from those "random terms", but I'm inclined to like this idea, assuming the classification system beyond the decimal point is sufficiently flexible to allow for enough variables — though I don't want to see nine or ten decimal places if it's at all avoidable.

(Before you ask: The series 040-049 is not in use in the current version of the Dewey; news media and publishing presently occupy the 070s, though I suspect some of the occupants will object to sharing that space with bloggers.)

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Having a DDS in the sidebar of the blog won't begin to cover it. All knowledge, and even all opinion, occurs at the intersection of two or more topics. So each post will have to have not one, but several DDS numerals to capture just what that post is about.

I am not a number! I am a free man!

Posted by: Fûz at 9:58 PM on 21 September 2003

That does it. Fûz gets assigned 006. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:28 AM on 22 September 2003