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16 September 2003

Are we all bozos on this bus?

"No public speech will be allowed on the bus, which may include but is not necessarily limited to religion, politics, economics or finances."

This used to be the policy in Broken Arrow, which operates one bus. The American Center for Law and Justice filed suit against the city on behalf of two local women. At the time, the city had contracted out its bus service to a private firm; the city began providing the service itself on the first of September, dropped the policy, and settled the ACLJ suit.

The new policy permits any discussion so long as it does not disturb the passengers or the driver.

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Why is it a surprise to anyone that some of us feel that the only way that -all- politicians managed to get to school was on the short bus?

Posted by: Steve at 2:41 AM on 17 September 2003

I'm thinking it was a bureaucrat policy, myself. But I don't know if I've ever seen a bus short enough to explain that one.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:38 AM on 21 September 2003