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18 September 2003

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Lynn remembers a simpler time:

In my day band names were both catchy and sensible. You know, names like "Three Dog Night," "Pink Floyd" and "Bread."

Nowadays, you can't tell the bands from the blogs.

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I sent Lynn an email on this one, as her slam about Leftover Salmon was a little bit off base.

From the Official Website:

The origins of Leftover Salmon are as intriguing as their name. The group was born eleven years ago in Boulder, Colorado, as the result of a merger between Vince Herman (from Cajun/Calypso/jugband The Salmonheads) and Drew Emmitt and Mark Vann (of progressive bluegrass Left Hand String Band.)

Posted by: Chris at 3:15 PM on 18 September 2003

Just in case you haven't yet delighted in it...

The Canonical List Of Weird Band Names

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 4:20 PM on 18 September 2003