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20 September 2003

Taking a shellacking

If you pop open the new Discoveries (#185, October), right there on page five is a picture of the Holy Grail.


A stark photo of a 78-rpm disc: Jubilee 5104 (1952), The Five Sharps, "Stormy Weather" b/w "Sleepy Cowboy", complete with stock Jubilee sleeve.

Good Rockin' Tonight says this:

Only one uncracked example of "Stormy Weather" is known to exist. It was purchased in 1977 by Collectors Universe owners Gordon Wrubel and David Hall for a then mind-boggling $3,866. Hall and Wrubel recently turned down a $25,000 offer from record dealer extraordinaire John Tefteller.

Collectors Universe owns GRT, so I suspect they know what they're talking about. This is a 78; there are persistent rumors that a 45-rpm version exists, but no one has ever seen one.

And there's one line of text at the bottom of the ad:

To be sold on eBay, October 2003

Truly, these are the times that try men's MasterCard limits.

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The record indeed is up at auction and can be found at

Posted by: Tom at 7:41 PM on 1 November 2003